Human Owners Manual

Mitch Gilbert and Guru Bawa

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Who is Mitch Gilbert

Kevin's dad was Mitch Gilbert. He passed away between my Mother's death in 1984 and Guru Bawa's in 1986. He was a radical hippie anti-establishment publisher and writer in the 1960s and during the Philadelphia's Rizzo Era. Mr Rizzo had paid henchman/spies paid by city funds to follow and document potential enemies to the Rizzo Regime. This was also during the original MOVE situation/police attack/bombing in Philadelphia.

Around 1971 or 1972 Dad met or heard of Guru Bawa. He became a follower and at some point a leader of a newly founded Fellowship for Bawa to come to when visiting America. Dad was quite taken by Bawa and it showed in his Peace and Fearlessness he was granted. He had become a Philadelphia celebrity by then as he had a daily commentary segment on a popular radio station, WDAS, plus many appearances on local media.

His Life had been quite tumultuous before he met Bawa, including having a marriage to my Brother Darrell and I. Dad came every Sunday to pick us boys up for the day and drop a check off to Mom. (They divorced in 1963 - the times). My brother were affected by Dad's changes and he took us to Bawa's house in Philly for occassional visits and to listen to him talk to groups that had gathered.

The experience had great affects on Dad, Darrel and I and many others worldwide. Bawa's message of how to achieve the best life possible was flawless. Of course, one would have to learn the application of Bawa's teachings but no one would deny the message Love, Peace and Fearlessness.

History of WDAS in Philadelphia

Wiki on Bawa

Guru Bawa Official Site

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After Dad married and divorced Jean Gilbert in the 1960s, he later got a gig at the radio station WDAS and met one of the daughters of a big shot there. He was later married to Sonya for a few years before his death by Hospital murder in 1986. Sonys had her accountant make a new will to go with the pages they both signed to remove my brother and I from being able to touch her/there money and to avoid fulfilling the promises they made together to Mitch's two boys. She had to live with that the rest of her life. I heard she passed but I don't care yet when or how.

Here is a link referencing crudly Sonya as a broadcast pioneer. The article mentions her passing in 2010 at 89! It mentions her marriage to and a blurb about Mitch, click here. Search Gilbert on that page.

Dad's book 1980 "Owner's Manual for a Human Being" on Amazon and read reviews too.

Dad's voice on Kindred Spirits, click here. Excerpt from Bawa and others also on this page.

All Mitch Gilbert on Human Kind Radio

Long audio from Dad.

Un-named instant poem by Kev today June 2 2021

The world gives us so many fabrications

Then wraps them all with indications

The stories are all in bite size pieces

No one cares to check the indices

Where does the mind go with all the spaces

In between the words there are many faces

Look into the spaces and see the faces.

They are you and all the races

We have become a bite sized nation

We fill in the space with our imagination

All we do, we remember some imprints

Some meme from our past my unique fingerprints

We are in the outer reaches

Have explored every land and it's beaches

Is time to go Home but which direction

It may be time for my interreflection

When I check my itinerary notes

I will see what naturally always floats

The signal from Home is always present

When I receive it it is always pleasant

Once I accept the signal is always there

My force fields drop and it is good to be bare

The bargain we took was always fair

As far as we have gone we were always here

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Wisdom Warriors University

"where we lead leaders to lead"